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Hi, my name is Liz Wahid. I am a Certified Science Illustrator who focuses primarily on ornithological illustrations. My backgrounds in fine art, wildlife conservation, and the care of captive raptors constantly inspire my work. I see birds as a gateway to connecting with and conserving nature, as a curiosity and regard for birds can foster a world of change in the scope of ecological conservation. It is my hope that the accuracy of my illustrations helps viewers to better understand nature, and the subjects I illustrate inspire others to connect with the natural world around them.

Certificate in Science Illustration

California State University, Monterey Bay 2020

B.S. Animal Science

Cornell University 2018

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2019 - 51st GNSI Juried Member Exhibit: Rendering Science - Clarity

            and Concepts, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2020 - Illustrating Nature

2020 - GNSI Annual Members Exhibition 

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